Not In My Back Yard

We live on a private lake, in a neighborhood governed by a homeowners’ association. There are rules here, and the residents are expected to follow them. For the most part, it works pretty well. Once in awhile, we catch someone who doesn’t live here fishing, or using a dumpster to dispose of their trash. If… Continue reading Not In My Back Yard

It Doesn’t Get Any Better

When we moved five years ago and I retired, I understood that my cooking style would need to change. One of my favorite things to do in Pittsburgh was to enjoy the vast array of foods available. We ate out frequently, sometimes as often as three times a week. And then there was the Strip… Continue reading It Doesn’t Get Any Better

It’s out of control

I spend a lot of energy being afraid. I have always been a “worrier”, indeed, as an adult anxiety is probably the emotion with which I am most familiar. My worries can range from the very unimportant (what should I prepare for our meal?) to fear over catastrophic events (what if my husband has a… Continue reading It’s out of control


Something I struggle with is the strong correlation between the weather and my mood. As the weather gets increasingly dark, so does my mood. The past week or so has been cloudy and rainy each day, and despite strong efforts to the contrary, I feel my mood sinking down. It isn’t going to get better… Continue reading Darkness